Thursday, December 3, 2009

Creativity - at home - in "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI " project

 Participants in the "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI" works, have started to arrive. Theme NORMALITY, valid till end of January 2010, was proposed by the artist, composer and interpreter of folk music SILVAN STANCEL from Alba Iulia, Romania.                                   The first name that suggests, three of his works, into NORMALITY theme (topic valid until end of January2010 ) is artist COSMIN COCIŞ from France.
  List of participants remains open, following the late December 2009 to be made known names who have confirmed since the first month, participation in "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI".


   Pe adresa proiectului "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI" au început să sosească primele lucrări ale participanţilor. Tematica NORMALITATE, valabilă până la sfârşitul lunii ianuarie 2010 a fost propusă de artistul albaiulian, cantautorul şi interpretul de muzică folk SILVAN STANCEL.
  Primul nume care propune, din Franţa, trei dintre lucrările sale, sub semnul tematicii NORMALITATE, valabilă până în luna ianuarie, este artistul COSMIN COCIŞ.
  Lista participanţilor rămâne deschisă, urmând ca la sfârşitul lunii decembrie să fie făcute cunoscute numele care au confirmat încă din prima lună participarea la "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI".


Born on July 27, 1976, in Ocna Mures/Alba, Romania. In 1994, he graduated from the High School of Arts, in Alba Iulia, Romania, and in 1999, from the Visual Arts Academy Ion Andreescu, Faculty of Fine Arts, sculpture department, in Cluj Napoca, Romania. He is currently a member of the UAP (The Fine Artists’ Union) Romania. Between 2000 and 2006, he lived and worked in Alba Iulia, where he taught sculpture and graphics at the local High School of Arts. During this period he was also deeply involved in the artistic life of the city: for a while, he was a member of the local UAP managing board and the leader of Atelier 35, a young artists’ movement. In 2005, he initiated and carried out the Delta Art project on managing and promoting private art symposiums. He organized and carried out experimental art projects in unconventional spaces, i.e. the pub La Pas in Alba Iulia, 2006-2007. In 2007, he specialized in animatronic sculpture, working for the TAA Industries.Since 2008, he has been living and working in France, as a freelance artist.

butterfly-mixed media-h-45cm

ghost butterflies-mixed media on canvas-40x40cm

story about butterflies-mixed drawing-dimensions variable

  "My artistic approach can be defined as experimental and polymorphic. Arising from an intuitive-descriptive graphism, it flows through psychedelic colours and aims to achieve the metaphor-object. There are no material, technical or ideological constraints. Objects, colours, graphism, actions or performances are mixed into the continuous process of shaping up a personal mythology, into a quest for plastic solutions, the main iconographical object of which is the butterfly. The butterfly as transcendent evolution. The butterfly in all its symbolic and iconographical complexity.The transfer of the imaginary through different media occurs on a bidimensional to tridimensional trajectory in an attempt to sublime the individuality of the artistic fact, to essentialize and eventually transcend it into the collective consciousness."
                                      COSMIN COCIŞ, FRANCE