Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Emanuel Stoica-photo on topic "parallel times"

Topic "Parallel times" - available in June 2010

Dear participants on "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI",

The sixth topic, available in June 2010, will be "PARALLEL TIMES", suggested by the artist Silvan Stâncel.

Topic "PARALLEL TIMES", remains open until the end of June 2010 , while which are expected to post on the site all the creators approaches, on E.mail address already announced:

For those who are already enrolled in ACTIVE PERSPECTIVE XXI NETWORK, you can continue posting directly in the network,  at

 We are open for solutions to access and post creations in other forms, if they are applicable. The basic idea is that they can be accessed on the dedicated project web spaces.Other topics will be announced soon.

 We recall that for any clarifications and further details, do not hesitate to contact the same e mail address:

 Each participant can invite new participants worldwide.They would be welcome.

 Also, will ask each of you if you want, to suggest topics for the coming months.

Best thoughts,


Emanuel Stoica - project coordinator