Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good news! Ning network is again accessible to all participants in "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI" Project! Topic of December will be "Feelings."

Dear friends, participants in  "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI" Project,

After two months of waiting, here we have good news, I solved the problem of accessing the network on Ning, a tool that allows us to collaborate and interact much better than e-mail. So, with apologies for this period devoid of creative joy of communicating, I invite you to continue our collaboration and this great spiritual exchange. The proposal is to keep until the end of September-November theme "Truth and self-knowledge" - because few of us have managed it before addressing the technical difficulties appear related to changes in network on Ning. Topic of December will be "Feelings."

 Course, each of us can always invite anyone interested in culture,truth, art and beauty, to participate in this experience called "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI" Project.

 Also, remind you  e mail activ.spirit@yahoo .com   and , important,  Network adress-

With great respect and friendship,

Emanuel Stoica

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