Monday, November 23, 2009


  Free expression of the ideas put in the service of truth and humanism can seem a form full of "conceit". Might say that questioning the existence unabated certainty of this approach is an exaggeration in times in which aesthetics his nose with disengagement, no problems of conscience and guilt-ridden over outlook assessment, up in the porn movies. Does it really?
  Public speeches are so beautiful and they are speaking about an emancipation, an unprecedented release of all forms of expression. Individual experiences, impassable through the filter of "political corectness" site of the amphitheater, seem to express more nuanced things and conclusions ...
  Information about the diversity and perennial values of humanity, present in various cultures, has become, perhaps, in the XXI century, one of the most effective solutions for establishing bridges of communication without which the future can not be viewed with optimism. The problem of identity built by highly sophisticated context that it crosses humanity today, subject to man, every day, an avalanche of existential questions whose synthesis is one, increasingly obsessive: "Qvo vadis homine?".
  There is unity? Perhaps, here and there ... Diversity?Yes, there are there for a long time, despite a phenomenon of cultural uniformity, a phenomenon which few still dare to bring critical and making the same consumer products to be ingurgitate simultaneously in flight, by the modern man in Australia to the Andes, in the Himalayas, the Carpathians and in Japan.
  A enormous remix - sometimes very poor quality - of what was done in previous eras is more easily digestible and provide even mimicking the original revelations for the modern man no longer has time to read, to practice the arts, to study himself, is unconscious of his fundamental right to not one's short existence, for an eternal anonymity, by submission of mental fruits for community building project of humanity.
  Excited, with blindness because of convenience of access to technological evolution, humanity puts over its head in pride difficult to justify, crown of "clever animals" in a moment, a time when is going out with arrogance from the scope of history, starting to manufacture history.This is a problem of collective decision will, that are involved more and more individuals. Everything happens in moments when waves of common concern induce "twins" reactions and that, again, are "mimicking" solidarity behavior in the context of real or invented collective threats such as pandemics.
  The fact is that attempts by individuals on this planet in the direction of finding new ways of expression will not stop, they are part of human nature.This perspective gives us permission to look at creation and as a reaction, a fairly faithful mirror of the state in fact, the mood and preoccupations of society.
  But taking into account the fact that Lotus is a beauty born even in the most fragrant marshes, reasoning on this issue extends well beyond. Between two such thoughts, is born the "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI" project, proposing only "appetizer" these initial themes of meditation. Expand depends on those who will feel the joy to submit to the collective original visions to be hosted by the project slogan.

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