Friday, November 27, 2009

'NORMALITY' - topic no. 1 of the project "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI "

  List of participants in the "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI" began to be written! It is not completed but, so far, the signals received from those who have confirmed participation, encourages us to make known the first details of the topics on which will be turned attention of all involved in project. Intercontinental nature of the project took shape, also.  We recall, the steps of contacting the core project collaborators "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI" are the final term on December 31 but the gate remains open after this time for all who wish to express in the project even if later found his existence.
 With joy, announce the first challenge to the creativity of those involved in the exchange of ideas that it proposes "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI".
 The first theme submitted to creative people who participate in the project is "normality".
 Of course, creativity, experience, imagination authors will worth in various forms this theme. That is why it will remain free, as these approach the personality into each of the participants in the shapes and "colors" they choose.
 Topic "normality" remains open until the end of January 2010, while which are expected to post on the site all the creators approaches , on E.mail address already announced:
 We are open to solutions to access and post material in other forms, if applicable. The basic idea is that they can be accessed on the dedicated project web spaces.Other topics to be made public soon.
 We believe that the experience of vision comparative approach in different fields of cultural and artistic, scientific, will be a great one and will give satisfaction to each of those will make a contribution to this approach but also those who will enjoy such creations made, in terms of intellectual and artistic challenges fans.
 We recall that for any clarifications and further details, do not hesitate to contact the same e mail address:


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