Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cristian Matei - Poetry - Normality

What is normality in the mind of a man that just commited murder?
Or how does normality relate with a woman,
That killed her child before birth?
What conection has normality with them?

I saw a bus station in the middle of nowhere
Filled with lost children expectind unaware, something
I came close to them and i realised that I know them, apparently though
They are not from my world.

On their faces stood their lack of understanding
I couldn't, me, a crazy man promisse them good
I know this world arround me
And above all, i know myself.

In a strange and hardened way i came close to them.
Hope was not there
People still need her
People who are hoping to win all the money in the world at lottery.

I've left them everything i had
Money for tickets and sweets
And i went back in the desert of my soul
Knowing that nobody will send a bus
To bring them closer to peoples ignorance

What was i suppose to do ? ....

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