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Silvan Stancel - NORMALITATE(vocal)
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Date of birth: July 02, 1978
Nationality: Romanian
Residence: Alba Iulia, ROMANIA
Website for demo musical creations:

 Silvan Stâncel was born in Alba Iulia on July 2th, 1978, in a family with strong artistic tendencies, his father being a poet and his sister a painter. He fell in love with the guitar at the age of 17, in a camp where he learned the first chords and, once he got home, he found a guitar brought by chance by his sister who, although with some minor defects, captured all his attention. From that moment on, Silvan, a self-taught guitar player, practiced every day, up to twelve hours a day without stopping. After the first three months of study, he had already mastered the main chords and was able to play along any song. A bit later, he discovered classical guitar and irremediably fell in love with it. He learned classical guitar pieces "by the ear", but realized that, in order to perfect himself, he must begin studying musical theory. As a student in Cluj-Napoca, he got acquainted with various artists and guitar lovers. Among others, he met Andras Varga, from whom he "stole" the flamenco guitar techniques, a music style that would strongly influence Silvan. He started composing his first instrumental and voice-guitar songs. At the same time, he had the first public performances, singing and playing his own creations. After graduating from the university, Silvan returned to Alba Iulia, continuing to study classical guitar, flamenco, and jazz still as self-taught. The public performances were very rare until October 2006, when composer and singer Vali Serban suggested him to compete in the Ziua de Mâine ("Tomorrow") National Festival Competition of Folk Music in Alba Iulia, although his compositions surpass the borders of this musical genre. Then, little by little, he got invitations from the all over the country to other festivals of this kind and others, where his compositions brought him the most important prizes (see ACHIEVEMENTS). Thus, Silvan got to meet the most valued artists of the moment, befriending some of them. Besides, he befriends with some of the younger artists he met during these festivals. Presently, Silvan Stâncel is invited to perform to various festivals and artistic exhibitions from all over the country and abroad.

- Grand Prize CORONA, National Folk Music Contest Corona Folk, Brasov, 2007
- 1st Award Instrumental music - Guitar, International Festival and Music Contest Curierul Zilei, Pitesti, 2007
- 1st Award National Folk Music Festival Om Bun, Bucuresti, 2006
- 1st Award National Folk Music Festival Prima iubire ("The First Love"), Reghin, 2006
- Jury's Special Award at the Bistrita Folk National Folk Music Festival, 2006
- Grand prize/Trophy at the Omul cu o chitara ("The Man with a Guitar") National Folk Music Festival, Braila, 2006
- Grand prize/Trophy at the Ziua de mâine ("Tomorrow") National Folk Music Festival, Alba Iulia, 2006


Current position:

2004 - present Literary Secretary, Puppet Theater PRICHINDEL, Alba Iulia
2002 - present Teacher, authorized translator into/from German - French
2006 - present Voluntary musical animator of the Cultural Association Cultur'ART, Alba Iulia

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