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    Under the program established, "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI" project begins with identifying the core creators who will participate as a unique cultural and artistic action whose prospects may be, let's face it, unpredictable. Starting on November 20, was enacted to contact the project collaborators ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI. This activity is deadline on December 31 but the gate remains open after this time for all who wish to express in the project, even if later found its existence.
   ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI is a cultural and artistic project based on free choice of artists from different fields to join this work. Also, collaborators can choose the form in which they express, essays, pictures, sound, video, views, etc.. on the topics that will be made available. Remains important that they pass our technical possibilities to access them and post them on the site that becomes the interface between all involved, and between them as cultural and artistic community online and the rest of world.
   The language is everyone option in the project .
   Drawers, sculptors, painters and participants photos, if they wish, add some comments to pictures of works.
  http://activperspectivexxi.blogspot.com/  is a page dedicated exclusively for ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI project. It benefits from direct access from the site "ACTIV SPIRIT. Of course, all materials submitted by the project collaborators will be presented on the main page of the official blog ACTIV SPIRIT, http://activspirit.blogspot.com/  and their presence on these sites will be recorded in our Press Releases.
  We want as many responses we can get and make efforts so that the fruits of the efforts of project collaborators to come from the very beginning, to a wider audience.
  In the following, are some technical details of the project:

  Project duration:
  20 November 2009 to 30 December 2010 and be extended

  Project description:

 1. Cultural activity developed and promoted on-line at:

    -Activ Spirit site,  http://activspirit.fratia.se/ #,
    - Official Blog of "ACTIV SPIRIT" http://activspirit.blogspot.com/,
    - The area dedicated exclusively to project http://activperspectivexxi.blogspot.com/.

 2. Pol art and opinion online, on:

 -Activ Spirit site, http://activspirit.fratia.se/ #,
 - Official Blog of "ACTIV SPIRIT"  http://activspirit.blogspot.com/,
- The area dedicated exclusively to project  http://activperspectivexxi.blogspot.com/.

3. Cultural activity initiated and completed in Sweden by aggregating the contributions of intellectual, artistic, etc.. their archiving, development of a cultural product printed and printed through electronic (CD, DVD) and promote them internationally, having as a starting point city of Stockholm.

Primary objective:

  Creating a cultural pole, quality, and artistic exchanges of opinion by stating a monthly themes to be presented on the cultural products, art, pictures, essays, reviews and analysis signed by intellectuals, artists, personalities of public life in Romania, Sweden and other countries.
   Achievement in Swedish space of a cultural product quality, origin, starting from the vision of intellectuals and artists from several countries and continents, on specific topics, highlighting the diversity of humanistic approaches, the importance of free expression and assessing multicultural the problems of contemporary society in the context of globalization.
   Possibility of such a product would be likely to reveal the quality and attention given to multicultural approach in Swedish society.

Secondary Objective:

  Involve quality in the work of Activ Spirit and FRATIA and focus attention the cultural, artistic, public opinion.
  Project ACTIV SPIRIT XXI is an original cultural experiment which runs between November 20, 2009 to December 30, 2010, with the possibility of being extended.
  From a technical standpoint will do the programming for the formulation, Monthly, general themes to be proposed for the approach in different forms, by the choice (essays, scientific papers, artwork, cartoons, photographs, films, audio recordings , etc..) future collaborators - (intellectuals, artists, writers, journalists, historians, researchers in various fields).
  The next step is receiving and posting materials on the site. Promoting the project will start initially by electronic mail and the support of the media in Sweden and Romania, following that month in January 2010 to be notified of project media channels from all countries will have participated in the project.

Purpose and perspective

-Making a cultural product as printed by printing materials archived and record them on CD under the name "ACTIV PERSPECTIVE XXI PROJECT - ACTIV SPIRIT" in two phases each 6 months (end of July and end in December 2010).
-Making promotional materials and presentation of cultural product obtained
-Organizing an event to launch the cultural product
-The distribution of cultural products obtained to cultural institutions and media.

  For message, and any other details and additional information, feel free to contact us at E.mail address: activ.spirit@yahoo.com

Project Coordinator - Emanuel Stoica

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